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Kevin Stefanski calls for girls flag football to become varsity sport - FlagSpin

Kevin Stefanski calls for girls flag football to become varsity sport

Ahead of Rookie Minicamp, Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski took some time away from his preparations to go to the girl’s high school football championship.

For Stefanski, it was important to go out there and support girls’ flag football, as he explained, and now he also believes that it’s time for it to be made a varsity sport.

“That was awesome. What a cool event. I can not tell you how much fun I had down there. I wish I could’ve stayed,” Kevin Stefanski said. “I wish I could’ve gotten there a little bit earlier to see some of the games. I think there were 28 teams down there. Some incredible athletes. Some of the plays, some of the throws that were made. Just the time I was there was very very impressive. That needs to be a varsity sport.”

Flag football has been growing in popularity at all levels, and for everyone, in recent years. The sport is even being added as an Olympic sport in 2028. Despite that, it’s still not considered a varsity sport, which Stefanski believes needs to change soon.

“The fact that that is not sanctioned yet is crazy to me. Just go down there and watch those young ladies run around and enjoy that sport was so fun for me to see. I know a bunch of our coaches went down there and it was not coordinated, we all just wanted to go down and watch some really good football. That was a great night. There is something about being in your stadium, in your hometown stadium playing football, and something as a kid I was able to do and I know how important that is,” Stefanski said.

“It is part of the reason why in June, on June 6, our Foundation is going to host a co-ed flag football tournament down there on June 6. Just for me watching the girls at a high level, at high school do it, was inspiring and I am excited that we will be able to go down there and do that with some kids on June 6. And for more information on that, Tony [Grossi] —”

The Keepers Foundation works to create opportunities for disadvantaged and underprivileged youth. In particular, the foundation works to raise funds for those in Northeast Ohio and run programs for those in need. That includes things like football camps and mentorship programs.

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