Youth Flag Football Plays | Get my 32 Plays from our Undefeated Season | Flag Football plays & video

Click http://bit.ly/3aM6jAd to get INSTANT access to the full playbook and video (you’ll see all 32 plays in action, PLUS have the plays in your hand and with the Playmaker App Code you can customize them). Here’s what you’ll get:

32 Plays: Used specifically during undefeated seasons and proven to work at all grade levels.
Exclusive video:
-Plays in action – Watch all 32 plays IN ACTION. Various teams showing you each play from the playbook in the game. (~9mins)
-PLAYMAKER PRO App Tutorial – how to import, categorize, and rearrange these plays, plus build your own. How to print plays out for wristbands (8 play blocks) or 1, 4, or 9 per page for. (~20 mins)

Formation breakdowns – best practices and when to use each formation. Plays are broken into 6 formations.
Split-back – Tight – Single-back – Twins – Trips – Shotgun

FREE Bonuses
-FREE PLAYMAKER PRO Shared Playbook Code: import all the plays into your own playbook. I teach you how to categorize them into smaller playbooks, flip, re-order, adjust, and add onto them. You can even create wristbands!
-FREE Coach D Passing Route Tree: Outline of 9 passing routes I teach my players, including my top 5.
This is a key tool to adjust to 6v6 or 7v7 or 8v8, you simply choose a placement for the additional player(s) in an existing 5v5 play and give them a route to run, SIMPLE. No need for additional playbooks!

Whether a first-time coach or veteran you will find TONS of value in all these resources.

Click http://bit.ly/3aM6jAd to get INSTANT access to the full playbook and video. Get 10% off when you subscribe to Flag Football with Coach D.

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A pioneer in the flag football community, Travis helped co-found the Flag Football World Championship Tour, FlagSpin and USA Flag. Featuring 15+ years of content creation for the sport of flag football, creating and managing the largest flag football tournaments on the planet, coaching experience at the youth and adult level as well as an active player with National and World Championship level experience.

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