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Adult & Youth USA Flag Football Plays Guide - USA Flag


Here are some of our most recent plays Handicap Piala Dunia and below you'll find a full guide towards helping understand what each symbol means and how to use the filters in our gallery of flag football plays for youth and adult.


Use the key below for more information on what each symbol means in the flag football plays above.


The primary ball handler for the team, typically the player who will take most snaps directly and handle play-calling duties. Gets all the credit when offense is clicking, and all the blame when it isn’t…


One of the most important positions on offense, yet typically overlooked. Having an experienced center who can get the snap to the QB quickly and consistently, side-snap and block while also being an effective receiver. is invaluable.


Basically everyone else on the field who isn’t the primary QB or center is considered a receiver and/or blocker depending on format.


All of our flag football plays will have a hot read, the guy we feel like is most likely to be your first read if run against the proper defense and match-up. Some plays are designed with several, but we highlight the most likely option.


All your standard flag football routes included, these will typically be your secondary reads on the play depending on the defense, run by your receivers and blockers if eligible.


If you’ve read through our series on effective flag football play calling, you’d know how important motion can be (pre-snap movement of a player to change the formation) for disguising and causing confusion. You can implement motion into any of our flag football plays.


Basically any time the ball travels backwards from one player to another, the orange striped line indicates from who to whom it should travel. If you’re format doesn’t allow this option in your rules, the route may be altered.


If your league allows screen or contact blocking, the blue line with a flat head indicates which direction the blocker should pick up the rusher from. If your league doesn’t allow blocking, change to a secondary route.

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Below is a guide to what each filter means on the flag football play archives for finding exactly what you're looking for quickly!


Filter our plays by style of play, based on the number of people on the field for each team at a time.


Filter our flag football plays by the type of skills and actions needed in the play to execute it properly.

  • Blocking – Play that involves using some form of screen or contact blocker to shield rushers from the quarterback.
  • Lateral – Play that involves downfield lateral or pitching as part of the execution.
  • Run Option – Play designed where the quarterback or another player is given the ball with intent to run or as an option.


Filter our flags based on whether they’re designed to work well in a Goal Line, Short Yardage or Long Distance scenarios. 


Filter our plays by whether or not the play has a full video walkthrough and explanation and/or live play examples.

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