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What is Sanctioning

The differences in standards from one flag football tournament to another has created uncertainty in the marketplace for players and coaches. To help address the need for standardization, the USA Flag sanctioning program provides an operational framework to create a more consistent experience.

USA Flag sanctioning is a designation given to leagues and tournaments that have adopted a set of operational and safety standards set forward by USA Flag. When these tournament standards and best practices are adopted in their entirety, events create a more positive experience for participants while receiving insurance and marketing benefits from USA Flag.

Benefits to Participants

Have you ever been to a tournament and been left guessing: what rules are we playing? Where are the trainers? Why is no one at the information tent? Who holds this event owner accountable to their promises? What happens if my child gets hurt at the event? Flag football tournaments all operate differently and at different levels of quality.

A USA Flag sanctioned Tournament has met a set of operational and safety standards to guarantee a consistent playing environment so that coaches, parents, players and all other event attendees will know what to expect from each event.


Looking to get your league or tournament sanctioned? Below are the benefits, requirements and additional options you can choose for enhancing each event!



    Opt in to our event liability insurance plan for assisting secure your venues and protect your organization.


    Your event featured on our website, in a video interview, shared to our social media and email blast.


    Get discounts on event kits including score cards, rosters, waivers, rule sheets and more!

*Two 1/2 bids will be freely awarded by USA Flag to all Youth and High School sanctioned tournaments regardless of classification.



All bids and points feed into our annual National Championship Tournaments and your teams will be qualified to participate and earn additional cash prize payouts per division!


    Set your event apart by showcasing the USA Flag stamp of approval by becoming an official qualifier and giving your players and teams confidence in the quality you provide.


    All participating teams of official qualifiers will receive double National Points that help them in their rankings and seeding towards our National and World Championship tournaments.


    All qualifying tournament automatically get entered into our sponsorship allocation program where we may assist to drive interested partners to your event.


    All event add-ons are automatically included when being approved as a qualifying event as well as custom marketing opportunities we can work with you directly on.




All bids and points from local and regional leagues and tournaments will feed into our National Championships below, with the winners earning paid bids to the official World Championships every year.

AUGUST 29-30, 2021

All bids and points from contact style adult leagues and tournament culminate in the FFWCT Chicago Flag Football National Championships.


    Adult 5v5, 8v8 & 9v9 Contact Styles


    Men, Women & Coed Styles with Multiple Divisions for Different Skill Levels


    Be scouted for our Men's, Women's & U24 National Teams!


The largest flag football tournament in the world, featuring over 620 adult teams in 2020 across 30 different divisions. All points throughout the year for adult teams culminate in this event, and bids can be redeemed from divisions won at either of the two National Championships.


    Adult 4v4, 5v5, 7v7, 8v8 & 9v9 Contact & Non-Contact


    Men, Women & Coed Styles with Multiple Divisions for Different Skill Levels


    Be scouted for our Men's, Women's & U24 National Teams!

2021 USA Flag National Championships Logo


All bids and points from non-contact youth and adult leagues and tournaments feed into our annual USA Flag National Championships, held in Arlington, Texas every Memorial Day weekend. This is the culminating event for our Youth flag football championship series with points resetting after this date.


    Youth 5v5 & 7v7 • Adult 4v4, 5v5, 7v7 & 8v8


    Boys, Girls, Men, Women & Coed Styles with Multiple Divisions for Different Skill Levels


    Be scouted for our Men's, Women's & U24 National Teams and Youth All-American Teams!


Sanctioning Benefits

Rights to use USA Flag Sanctioned Logo

Add our USA Flag Sanction Logo seal to your website, registration page and/or promotional material. This will instantly add credibility along with letting teams know what benefits, like National Ranking Points and Paid Bids, they will receive by participating in your event. 

Listed on USA Flag Sanctioned Event Directory

As a sanctioned event, USA Flag will add you to the sanction event directory with a link back to your website.

Earn Points towards Nationals

At the conclusion of your event, you will submit your final results so your teams can earn Ranking Points towards Nationals and other events. The level of your Sanctioning will mandate which level of points your teams will receive within their competition level (PRO, Com & Rec) 

Participating Teams added to National Rankings

As a reward , all of your participating teams will be added to our National Rankings after your event and will earn points based on how they finished. Teams can then see where they stand against other teams in their division from around the country. Teams also find that this helps them obtain sponsorship since their team is being nationally recognized.

Discount on Paid Bids to Nationals

As a Sanction Event Director, you will be able to purchase National Paid Bids at a discount to give as a reward for your championship teams. We will also notify the teams of the bid they won from your event and give them details on how they can redeem them to participate in the National Championships. 

Access to Downloadable Forms & Templates

As a Sanction Event Director you will have exclusive access to our forms and templates such as rule cheat sheets for your Officials, field diagram layouts and scorecards.

Assistance with Staffing Officials and Assigners

One of the toughest challenges running an event is finding quality officials that are local or willing to travel to your event. We can help bridge this gap with our national database of flag football officials to help you get the best staff on your fields. Scheduling officials to your games can also be a challenge, especially for large events. We have assigners with years of experience to help you along the way. 

Event Add-On Benefits

Event Insurance Coverage

No insurance? No problem! Average insurance can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per season or event, but as an official USA Flag Sanctioned league or tournament organizer you can request inclusion in our $1,000,000 liability insurance program for only $99 to be used for facility rental and other uses! Simply request your certificate with information on who to be named on the document within 3 weeks of the event being held! 

Event Essentials Starter Kit

Our USA Flag starter kit will include everything you need to keep your event organized and running smoothly. The kit will be shipped to you directly and will save you time on creating and getting things printed like officials scorecards, rosters, waivers, rule cheat sheets and more to make your event as turnkey as possible!

Event Promotion & Announcement through USA Flag  Channels

As a sanctioned event partner you may choose to enhance your event through our promotional channels for an additional $99 fee if desired. USA Flag will add you to our official event tournament calendar and/or sanctioned leagues page with a link back to your website, blast your event out to one of our Facebook/Instagram/ Twitter accounts, list you on a monthly email blast, schedule a 15-30 minute pre-recorded video interview session about your event and more! 

Access to USA Flag Staffing Assistance

Need extra onsite help? You will have the opportunity to hire our dedicated staff to assist you with your event. Our staff has years of experience with keeping large events organized and running smoothly! 


Sanctioning Requirements

USA Flag Event Standards

USA Flag sanctioned events need to meet a set of operational and safety standards to guarantee a consistent playing environment so that coaches, parents, players and all other event attendees will know what to expect from each event.

Staffed by Certified Directors

In order to run a USA Flag Sanctioned event, you must become a USA Certified Director. The purpose of this program is to have prepared and knowledgeable Directors organizing flag football events to create a more positive and consistent atmosphere. 

Minimum 30-90 Day Application Notice

If you would like to get your event sanctioned, fill out the online application. Allow a minimum of 30 days for Locally Sanctioned, 60 days for Regional Sanctioned and 90 days for Nationally Sanctioned. Events are not officially USA Flag sanctioned until application has been approved

Award Bids towards Nationals to Winning Teams

Determined by your level of sanctioning, you must purchase a ½ or full paid bid for each of your division champions. This is given as a reward to your winning team(s). As a USA Flag Sanctioned director, you will be able to purchase these bids at a discounted rate. 

Display USA Flag Sanctioned Event Logo

As a USA Flag Sanctioned event, you will have the right to use the Sanctioned Event Logo seal. This should be added to all promotional materials such as event players, along with being displayed on the event registration page. You can also add it to other things like onsite banners and brackets. 

Share Captains Contact Information

At the conclusion of your event, you will be required to turn in a team captain for each team, along with an email address and phone number. This information will be added to our national team database to promote all USA Flag Sanctioned tournaments and offer them other benefits by joining the organization. 

Qualifier Requirements

Official USA Flag Rules

In order to develop more consistency with rules throughout the country, all sanctioned events should follow the national standard game rules set by USA Flag. This will also help teams know what to expect when traveling to your tournament. For leagues, this will be an advantage for your local teams in preparing them for traveling to large tournaments like National and World Championships. 

Use of Certified Officials

Depending on your level and sanctioning, you will have a required minimum of Regional or Nationally Certified Officials per field. 

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