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Spread Left Single Sniper 7v7 Flag Football Play - FlagSpin

Spread Left Single Sniper 7v7 Flag Football Play

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Spread Single Sniper is a 7v7 flag football play designed for long distance plays or onside kicks for formats that allow it, where 20+ yard gains are needed.

Play Execution

Check the video above for a Play Breakdown by Patrick Alley, coach and quarterback of the Freaks 7v7 AFFL team who used this play in their playbook on their way to a top 4 finish during the 2019 season.


The main adjustments with this play are with the Quarterback and secondary quarterback who can be moved around, motioned into position, side-snapped to or whatever you’re specific team is comfortable with to change up the appearance but keep the same execution. Your center route can also be tweaked depending on your rules, either into an out and up, a chip block, or drop back as well into a throwback option.

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