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Bunch QB Wheel 5v5 Flag Football Play - FlagSpin

Bunch QB Wheel 5v5 Flag Football Play

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The Bunch QB Wheel from our 5 on 5 flag football plays collection is one of our favorite plays to use against an overly aggressive rusher and a defense that likes to play man defense.

There are a couple variations you can use out of different formations to get a similar result, but the idea is always the same, vacate one side of the field to clear out all defenders, the quarterback draws in the rusher and hands off to or in this case throws back to a secondary quarterback option, and wheels out of the backfield for what is typically a wide open completion big gain play.

In this situation you are counting on the rusher not being very good in man coverage (which you should know before running this play) so that even if he does recover, chances are your QB will still have a huge advantage on the route.  You do need a primary quarterback who’s also an average or better receiver with decent speed to pull this off, along with a secondary quarterback or star option, but these are pretty common in 5man and something I make sure I have on almost every team I play on just to have more options at your disposal.

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