FLAG-In-Schools Lesson 8: Play Action Practice (Elementary Drills)

FLAG-In-Schools Lesson 8: Play Action Practice (Elementary Drills)

Skill: Running routes

How to: This drill is set up just like Lesson 7—there are holes on each side of the quarterback where the wide receiver or running back will run. But instead of only doing running plays, we’re going to add three passing routes: hook, slant, and go. So, one player is the quarterback who calls the play and passes or hands off the ball. The other player will be a wide receiver, or a running back, depending on the play.

• Hook: Run straight down the hole, and then at the end, curve around to come back and catch the ball.
• Slant: Run forward a couple yards down the hole, and then sharply cut across on a 45-degree angle.
• Go: Just run straight down the hole—and fast!
• Running play: During a hand off, the quarterback steps diagonally toward the running back,
extends both arms, and places the ball right in their belly. Meanwhile, the running back keeps their inside arm up and their outside arm down to create a big pocket for the ball. When they receive the hand off, they should tuck the ball in tight and take off.
• Remember, the quarterback needs to call the play. For example: “2 left, go” is when the wide receiver runs a go route in the 2-hole on the left side, and “4 right, slant” is when the wide receiver runs a slant route on the right side in the 4-hole.


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