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Sports: A Touchdown for Girls’ Flag Football | The New York Times

Ever since Florida became the first state in the nation to add flag football as a varsity sport for girls eight years ago, it has exploded in popularity. ...

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  1. Used this play last tournament and had alot of success with it!

  2. The best answer to these questions can basically be answered by “Who is the biggest threat?”. Zone is much more situational than man to man and requires more thinking. If everyone plays their zone correctly, you would never chase anyone outside your zone and pass off players exiting your zone, but depending on the situation that is not a hard and fast rule. It happens often that you’ll need to follow another out of your zone or help out in someone elses zone if there’s no threat in yours or theirs is much greater, say a touchdown or first down risk. The basic rule of thumb for zones is bend don’t break and keep everything in front of you.

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